We Un­der­stand what At­tor­neys Need.

What We Do

Even if you’re awe­some, af­ford­able, and ab­surd­ly fast at ex­e­cu­tion — with a bad strat­e­gy, you will fail. We need to think through the right strat­e­gy for you, just for you — and then, when we have it, run with it. Luck­i­ly, we think fast, and we work fast.

What We Do

Ex­e­cu­tion is one of our fortés. We know how to do all the pieces that lawyers need done, from the nuts and bolts to the biggest strate­gic ques­tion. And the best part? We just love div­ing in­to the nuts and bolts. By our na­ture, we ob­sess over the de­tails.

What We Do

A good strat­e­gy and good ex­e­cu­tion with­out a good mea­sure­ment ap­proach is mean­ing­less: that which is­n’t mea­sured, does­n’t im­prove. Or so we take as one of our ar­ti­cles of faith. Luck­i­ly, the nuts and bolts of our work is mea­sur­ing every­thing — so we can tweak and im­prove con­stant­ly. In oth­er words, we live in Google An­a­lyt­ics. As well as our oth­er fa­vorite An­a­lyt­ics plat­forms. (Heap, we’re look­ing at you.)

What We Do

But let’s say, we get the strat­e­gy right, we ex­e­cute it well, and we mea­sure it well — you would still be un­hap­py as a client, be­cause you won’t know what we’re do­ing! We pack­age every­thing to­geth­er in re­ports for you, as need­ed. I wish I could say they are the most beau­ti­ful re­ports but they’re not — just nor­mal — pre­cise­ly be­cause we spend our time fo­cus­ing on re­sults, not on mak­ing our­selves look good.

Not just ad­ver­tis­ing, but fig­ur­ing out your en­tire client ac­qui­si­tion fun­nel. And run­ning with it.

What we do


Paid ads & SEM

Paid ad­ver­tis­ing is one of the hearts of any se­ri­ous on­line user ac­qui­si­tion strat­e­gy — for lawyers as much as for lay­men. But lawyers need to be care­ful of com­ply­ing with all reg­u­la­tions, such as Rule 7.2b, as well as main­tain­ing their fir­m’s im­age.

SEO op­ti­miza­tion

We use paid ad­ver­tis­ing to learn what key­words are the most ef­fec­tive — and then we SEO these key­words out so that they are at the top of Google’s re­sults. We em­ploy classy and el­e­gant search en­gine op­ti­miza­tion strate­gies that are not risky, and are very ef­fec­tive.

Op­ti­miz­ing Your Site To Win Clients

Get­ting tar­get­ed traf­fic to your site is a waste — if they don’t be­come clients. We de­sign the site and the ex­pe­ri­ence to shep­ard the user through, so they achieve the ac­tion on the site that we want them to.

What We Do

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