From Our Bunker, We Will Stop At Nothing To Win The War.

Art + Science

The Buffalo Group is hard to categorize. It’s not only marketing. Not only politics. Not only on on the ground operational. It’s all of these mixed together, with a vehemence you haven’t seen before.

Morning, Noon & Night Updates

The War Room becomes our sole purpose of existence during the duration of the campaign. Although do leave occasionally, metaphorically and literally, to necessities like food.

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Action-Oriented Non-Stop

In the War Room, we figure out what needs to be done and we do it. It’s not like in the movies with a million knobs and screens. Just a silent humming, the sound of our staying on target.

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Surgically Methodological

The War Room isn’t a place where you go to have a beer. Your mission becomes our mission, so our offices and our homes become your command center. All hands on deck.

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Most of all, we understand what politicians think but don’t say so we can operate on our own, safely and in a goal-oriented manner, without too much over-coordination.

Here are two of the challenges of political campaigns: first, organizing everyone takes time; and secondly, lots of the important issues are just complex to talk about. But here’s the thing: we have so much experience, that we alleviate the burden of constant communication and micromanagement: we worry about it, so you don’t need to. We will take our learnings back to you, so you can adjust the parts of your campaign not under our control appropriately. We will communicate data, results, updates, all the time. But we keep our eyes on the ball, the prize — so you can keep your eyes focused on what matters the most to you: your constituents, of course.

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Marketing for Politicians

We’re Your War Room. We Fight To Win.