You need a mod­ern part­ner who knows what to do, has the tools, and the strength to make it hap­pen, no mat­ter what.

When a politi­cian is look­ing for a team to bring them to vic­to­ry, that politi­cian has a few un­com­pro­mis­able re­quire­ments. The team needs to be world class. Wicked smart. In­tense­ly fo­cused. Will­ing to get their hands dirty, or very dirty. Ex­pe­ri­enced enough to know what strate­gies work and what strate­gies to avoid. To be all in, even emo­tion­al­ly. And this is pre­cise­ly what our team is.

Here is what our team is not: we’re not a “body” shop where you pay peo­ple to sit around and waste their time by the hour. We’re don’t go around out­sourc­ing your mis­sion to the low­est salaried per­son that we could find. There are oth­er groups that do that, and if that is what you want, then we’re not for you.

Pro­fes­sion­al. Ruthless.

Por­tia re­minds us, in the Mer­chant of Venice, that it’s not that hard to fig­ure out what to do: but ac­tu­al­ly fol­low­ing through and do­ing it, that’s an­oth­er sto­ry. You need fo­cus, ob­ses­sion, vi­sion, a com­mit­ment to the ruth­less­ness nec­es­sary to achieve your goals.

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We do what it takes…

Words are im­por­tant; and so is strength. Your words must be backed up by the in­ten­si­ty of the re­al­i­ty be­hind it.

…when­ev­er it is necessary.

As much as we are ob­sessed with words, words are on­ly half the bat­tle, for words with­out ac­tions are emp­ty — and transparent.

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An­a­lyt­ic & Creative…

The an­a­lyt­ic & process-part of the team & plan is­n’t enough, all by itself.

…Merg­ing Our Right & Left Brains

Rather, our log­i­cal, ra­tio­nal abil­i­ty to cold­ly cal­cu­late what we need to do must be bal­anced by our wild cre­ativ­i­ty to come up with the strate­gies need­ed to make them happen.

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We don’t give excuses…

Mak­ing mag­ic hap­pen from noth­ing re­quires noth­ing less than the ob­ses­sion and in­ten­si­ty in­fused in­to us by the universe.

…We just try to make mag­ic happen.

What we do is more than just client work; it’s a pas­sion and a life call­ing, as though we have been raised for this mission.

Votes Won
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Lines of strate­gies, notes, and su­per­pow­er soft­ware code written

Meet our Team

San­ti­a­go has ad­vised win­ning po­lit­i­cal cam­paigns all over South Amer­i­ca. San­ti­a­go has the po­lit­i­cal so­phis­ti­ca­tion and an­a­lyt­ic rig­or to un­der­stand what’s hap­pen­ing via both smell and da­ta. He runs on the ground map­ping, polling, so­ciode­mo­graph­ic and psy­cho­graph­ic is­sues, vot­ing and turnout man­age­ment & an­a­lyt­ics, and po­lit­i­cal strate­giza­tion and messaging.
Po­lit­i­cal Op­er­a­tions 100%
Gus­tavo’s deep strength is in on-the-ground op­er­a­tional man­age­ment, in par­tic­u­lar, co­or­di­nat­ing and be­ing on top of lots of dis­perse re­sources and la­bor to quick­ly and ef­fec­tive­ly achieve need­ed goals, all over Latin Amer­i­ca. He stud­ied law at the UBA and has been the cam­paign man­ag­er of high-pro­file po­lit­i­cal cam­paigns in Argentina.
On the Ground Op­er­a­tions 100%
Mor­gan has been help­ing politi­cians go from no votes to mil­lions, in­clud­ing lead­ing the on­line com­po­nent of win­ning pres­i­den­tial cam­paigns, for the last 10 years. He has al­so worked close­ly with many Sil­i­con Val­ley tech star­tups to go from idea to mil­lions of users.
On­line Mar­ket­ing 100%

Where does your name come from?

About Us

We choose our name, The Buf­fa­lo Group, for two rea­sons. First, the im­age of the buf­fa­lo res­onates with us: they’re tough an­i­mals that fight loy­al­ly to the end, nev­er flee, and usu­al­ly win. They in­spire fear in all the an­i­mals of the jun­gle… ex­cept their on­ly preda­tor, the li­on. We aren’t the li­ons, but we work close­ly with the li­ons to make sure that what they need to hap­pen, does.

But there’s a sec­ond rea­son we chose this name: the last names of the found­ing part­ners spell out B‑F-F. So the fit is natural–and per­fect. We briefly con­sid­ered call­ing our­self “The BFF Group,” us­ing the con­tem­po­rary Amer­i­can teenage girl slang for “best friends” — be­cause we al­so want to con­vey to our clients and po­ten­tial clients that we are your best friend dur­ing the du­ra­tion of our work to­geth­er — but ul­ti­mate­ly, we thought that im­age was too funy and does­n’t cap­ture the deep in­ten­si­ty and fo­cus with which we work.

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We’re Your War Room. We Fight To Win.