Project Summary

Lerman & Szlak is a small law firm, focusing on intellectual property, with offices in both San Francisco and Buenos Aires. While each partner is experienced independently, they came together to as a team — with no online presence. With their vision to be an Internet-first law team, they hired us from the outset of the firm creation. We help craft their identity, their online strategy — and then made all aspects of it happen.

Develop Marketing Strategy

With a blank canvas, we created their online marketing strategy. Our first step was to deep-dive into the market and decide what not to do. For example, we chose to not use an Instagram strategy, despite the fad for doing so, and to focus on LinkedIn.

Executed With Vigor!

A formula to fail is to have the left hand strategize but the right hand execute. We took our recommendations, and ran with them: from site creation, to social media, to search engine optimization.

Measure Results & Repeat

Work isn’t work if it isn’t documented and measured. We tracked every little detail — from our target keywords, to target visitor actions on the site, implemented tracking for each metric, and executed and tweaked our strategy with the data in mind.

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More clients

One of our targets was to increase the number of clients — and we have, many times over. They receive multiple inquiries from potential clients — who discovered them via the Internet — weekly. We have additionally helped them integrate and manage a CRM system to track all incoming potential client inquiries and ensure everyone gets a prompt response, most likely to maximize them converting into a client.

Awesome online presence

Other than more clients, the other client objective — an awesome online presence — is harder to objectively quantify. We wanted a modern look, a modern site, regularly updated. In short, to have a Silicon Valley startup feel to the experience of using their site. Although much harder to measure, the feedback from clients, potential clients, the firm’s partners and other employees, and various random potential users whom we interviewed regarding the experience using it, suggests we achieved theh goal.

Lerman & Szlak
FTW didn’t just listen to us to make our dream online presence happen — but they told us what we need to do to get clients online. And it worked!
Celia Lerman, Partner, Lerman & Szlak
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